CatEye V2C Double Wireless

CatEye V2C Double Wireless
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CatEye's V2C Double Wireless cyclo-computer is broadband for your bicycle. It features a super-slick set-up that sends all the data, including cadence, through a chainstay-mounted transmitter. The easy-to-read screen simultaneously displays speed, cadence and time information, and is lit up by a bright backlight for those rides that run late. The latest 2.4GHz digital data transmission virtually eliminates interference and cross-talk, while the sensor unit combines the speed and cadence sensors into one sleek, reliable piece that easily adjusts to most bikes and keeps your machine neat and tidy, too.

Current, average and maximum speed
Current, average and maximum cadence
Countdown distance
Lap time, distance, average speed and number
Total time
Clock and date
Interference/Cross-talk free 2.4GHz digital wireless technology (ID coded)
Automatic 2nd bike sensor recognition
1 cadence zone
EL backlight
Tool-free integrated cadence/speed sensor
3 lines, 3 readouts
Programmable odometer
14 Files, 99 lap recording
File data review
Auto or manual start/stop
Pace arrow for speed and cadence
Tool-free centered mount

Part Numbers

725012017333 1602200 11192